Thursday, March 4, 2010

Start Your Summer Off Right!

 We always have certain things we like to do during the Winter months, and hopefully you got all of yours done. My thing to do during the Summer months is participate in as many outdoor events as possible. We like doing our craft shows and fairs during the Summer because they're just so much fun. The people you meet are always so interested in seeing what you've done. But did you ever think about doing a farmers market or garden party put on by a local business? There are lots of local charity events just begging for good quality vendors to participate in their activities.

So this Summer try doing something different. Set yourself apart from the others. You might just find you enjoy doing something different from the rest of the crowd.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do You Have a Great Blog?

If you have a great blog and would like a little extra exposure maybe we can help. If you would like us to feature your blog on our Blog Roll just drop us a line. We would be happy to! Just tell us a little bit about when you started your blog, what your primary focus is on and a little something about your background and how it lead you to start your blog.  Give us your name, blog address, and an email address we can contact you at. Fell free to provide any other information you would like. We will then check out your blog and send you an email letting you know if we included you on our blog roll or not. If we don't accept your blog we will let you know why it wasn't suited for our blog roll, and in most cases, will refer to you another site that would be more suited for your blog.

Periodically, we do articles referencing various artists and bloggers and you just may be one we choose. As the list of Blog Roll blogs grows we will rotate the the blogs in order to make sure everyone gets their blog seen. So you should see your blog on our Blog Roll on and off again at various times. We will not delete your blog from our list, don't worry, unless you request it. So get yourself noticed and send us your request today!