Thursday, April 19, 2012

That beautiful Smokey Quartz!

Smokey quartz is a brown to black semi-precious variety of quartz. The very dark brown to black opaque variety, such as what we have, is known as morion. Known as a grounding crystal, smokey quartz is also an
excellent stone for removing negativity, elevating moods and relieving depression among other things.

In chakra healing smokey quartz is associated with the root (base) chakra in which it is known to help purify and stimulate. In certain circles it is believed that keeping a piece of smokey quartz under your pillow while you sleep will help in correctly remembering and interpreting the meaning of your dreams. Also, in ancient times, during the 12th century in China, flat panes of smokey quartz were often used as a form of sunglasses.

If you've never seen a beautiful piece of dark smokey quartz, then you've really missed out on something truly spectacular! This gorgeous crystal is one that we are extremely proud of having at Crystal Wand Creations.

Come in to our shop at 206 North Buckeye St. in downtown Kokomo, Indiana anytime Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm or Saturday 10am - 4pm and we'll be glad to guide you to it!

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